How to upload a video to YouTube

Many people use youtube daily. So why not learn how to upload your own videos.

STEP 1: Navigate to your default web browser. Whether it is on the start menu or on your task bar (Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer…etc.).

STEP 2: Navigate to The go to the upper right hand corner (providing you have created an account) and sign in.

STEP 3: Login to your account.

STEP 4: Once logged in click ‘upload’ at the top of the screen. (Things circled in red indicate where your username would be).

STEP 5: Click on ‘select your file’ and browse to where your video is saved. After you find it Ā click on it and then click ‘Open’.

STEP 6: When your file is in the uploading process you will get a screen like this where you can edit the title, description, privacy settings, tags, a thumbnail and much more. (This is a good time to do so).

When your done editing it should look something like this. When you are ready you can click the newly generatedĀ URLĀ link to view your video.

STEP 7: After that your new video page should look like this. ENJOY! (You can edit these preferences anytime in the setting justĀ in caseĀ you forgot to add something).




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