Using tag

I want to explain about “tag”.

Tag is a key word that gives a narrow description of something.  It is more specific than category.  For example when I talk about beverage, that concerns every liquid that we can drink including: juices, coffee, beer, wine, etc, however, if I’m talking about the drink no alcoholic, or just juices for instance, this is more specific than the beverage. Therefore in this example beverage going to be category and then juices represent a “tag”, in the sense where the juices will concern only the Orange juice, apple juice and only kind of juice but not sodas or vines.

Here, I’m going to explain how to add a picture to open lab site.

  1. Go on your open lab site

  2. Then point arrow to plus sign

  3. Click on the media, so inside the open window

  4. Choose your files

  5. Then open your files picture.

  6. Upload your picture

To post some to open lab site is similar

  1. Go on your site

  2. Then point arrow to plus sign

  3. Click on the post, inside the open window

  4. Past your text

  5. Add a tag to it, on the right at bottom.

  6. Then publish it

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