Week 4 Assignments (Feb 18-20)

Please see below for your Week 4 assignments:

Monday, Feb. 18: No class (President’s Day)

Wednesday, Feb. 20 (Monday Schedule): ONLINE CLASS

Too Big To Know: Ch. 3 (pp. 19-43)
Technical Writing 101: Ch. 1 (pp. 25-37)

1. Edit group doc and add your name, openlab username, and a profile photo to our class list.

2. Go back and add tags to your previous blog posts

3. Write a new post in which you attempt to provide step-by-step instructions on something covered in our class discussion last week. Make sure that you do the following:
a) give your post an interesting title
b) add photos/screenshots (don’t use copyrighted images!); check out creative commons flickr images – http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/by-nc-nd-2.0/ – and make sure that you give credit
c) tag your posts
d) write this as a blog post and not as a comment on another post!

Questions? Send me an email.

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