Assignment 1



  1. From the excerpt, I was immediately acknowledged about what is a technical writer. A technical writer is someone who explains a piece of technology on paper. She/he should have strong organizational skills, people skills as well as investigative talent.
  2. Being a technical writer does not necessarily mean one has to be proficient in a certain field of technology. One should understand what they are going to write about.
  3. Writing a GOOD technical article is just like writing an essay. Ideas must be brought up, a rough draft should be written up, one should review it to make changes and/or corrections, then “produce” the final draft.


Too Big to Know

  1. “Toffler pointed to research indicating that too much information can hurt our ability to think.”

I believe that when one is indeed given too much information, one cannot process it. I can speak from experience from both work and school. Going into brand new environments can be tedious, such as the first day of school or the first day of work. On the first day at a new school there is a lot to learn such as where one’s classes are and which buildings they are in. That can be an information overload, as well as work. At work there are many new things to learn.

2.The first paragraph in chapter three on page forty-three stands out to me. It stands out to me because as the chapter says, “there is no shortage of definitions of knowledge.” I believe that may be true. My definition of knowledge would be acquiring data about a specific subject and learning about it.

3.“1. The internet connects lots of people.”

The internet does connect a lot of people. I have friends from over a decade ago that I am keeping in touch with over social media sites. I also have family that I have never seen before that I am connecting with. I even found my job that I am currently at online.

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2 Responses to Assignment 1

  1. Sammy says:

    I agree with your quote explanation because your right when one is given too much to do they are not able to process it and manageable way. School and work are two very good examples of that because i can relate to that as well because when we have kids from high school starting college there not use to going from building to building or room to room or even being around so many new people so that can be confusing and overwhelming. As for work i know myself when i first started Chase i was lost, confused, scared and i was throw at the teller window after 2 days of training expected to know everything and it was way to much to process. So Awesome post and well spoken

    Sammy =]

  2. skillz1ner says:

    I must agree with your quote “The internet connects lots of people”, because this is 100 percent true. Through social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, etc. The list goes on. We can see how people interact with one another. How we can send and receive information through emails or Instant messaging systems. The internet has made it easy for us to contact people all over the world in a second. Lots of advantages and disadvantages. Ive met alot of people through Facebook, because I can see the amount of mutual friends we have. Lots of major business companies are on these social networks to spread there brands. Without the internet, i feel like we would still be behind on alot of things, although it is true that we take alot of things for granted because we rely on the internet for everything nowadays.


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