Assignment 1


The following concept is saying that as humans we are already born with knowledge and if we share the same knowledge we don’t have to criticize each other from what’s right and wrong.

Knowledge is treasure, knowing is the distinctively human activity, and our system of knowledge is the basis for the hope that we might all one day come to agreement and live in peace.

 This concept contradicts the first one because we know as much as we write on paper, but considering all the technology that is out there now people don’t have to know, just have to search on the web.

We’ve grown up thinking that this is how knowledge works. But as the digital age is revealing, that’s how knowledge worked when its medium is paper. Transform the medium by which we develop, preserve, and communicate knowledge, and we transform knowledge.

 This concept shows us how using pen and paper our knowledge is easily found but if we rely on technology every time the chance of losing it is very likely.

Who writes—contrasts the solid traces we used to leave behind with the digital dust we currently leave in our wake: more of it for sure, but also more likely to be blown away by a hard-drive failure or a change from floppies to CDs to DVDs to Blu-Rays to whatever comes next and next after that.


A technical writer is not only one that writes about technical topics, but also has to know the facts about what they’re writing about and describe in detail to someone that has no clue about that topic.

A technical writer is really a translator. You start with a complicated piece of technology, and your mission is to explain to a nonexpert how to use that technology.

Technical writers cannot only know the facts but also need to know how to use and implement the technology in different situations.

This deceptively simple mission requires more than just writing ability and an understanding of technology—although both of those skills are critical, they aren’t enough.

A technical writer should know what they’re writing and explain it step by step to the audience in depth.

The ability to break down complicated information into content that is appropriate for the document’s audience is very important.


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