Logo History

The Google logo, which was formerly known as the “Back Rub”, was found in 1996 by Larry Page. “Back Rub” was originally a research project led by Larry Page at Stanford University, but later renamed to “Google” in 1997.

First (official) Logo of “Back Rub”

Sergey Brin, who was the co-founder of Google, began to change up the logo design of Google in 1998 by adding an exclamation mark at the end. The addition of the exclamation point was said to be inspired by the Yahoo logo during that time. Over the years, the logo design changed based on the colors and typefaces. At first, the logo designs were designed by Ruth Kedar, who was an assistant professor at Stanford University. Larry Page ad Sergey Brin were not satisfied with the design of the Google logo, so they were introduced to Ruth Kedar to get inspirations. Kedar started out with a fully black logo, in which she used the Adobe Garamond typeface, which led to a satisfying feeling for Page and Brin. Afterwards, Ruth Kedar continually attempted many different designs with different features. Kedar changed the typefaces of the logo, in which it included the Adobe Garamond, Catull, and Product Sans typeface. Moreover, she continued to play around with the colors of the logo design and the symbols in specific letters of Google. It started out with primary colors and then slowly changed to rainbow colors.

First Official Logo (created in 1998)
Logo (addition of the exclamation mark)

The two logo designs shown above are the first official Google logo and the official Google logo with an addition of an exclamation mark. Both logo designs consist of mostly primary colors, which are placed in different letters. These logos were used for about a month and later got changed to a different layout.

Logo (elimination of the exclamation mark)
Logo (revised before official new logo)

On the other hand, the two Google logo shown above are the revisions of the Google logo designs. The Google logo on the top shows the elimination of the exclamation mark, but at the same time there are drop shadows added to it. However, the Google logo on the bottom shows a more revised design of the previous Google logo designs, with the drop shadows eliminated and a clearer color view. The typefaces being used in the Google logo are mostly sans-Lastly, the logo designs shown below are the Google logos that were introduced and currently displayed on the official Google website.

Google Logo Designs (introduced in 2015 – present)

Throughout the years in society, Google had been the most popular search engine, besides its rival Yahoo. Google can be found on its official website or in advertisements. Besides having a logo for Google, there are also different logos for products that involves Google. Examples of these products would be Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Wallet, Google Maps, and Gmail. Nowadays, the Google logo is different every day. One day the logo is an interactive Google Doodle, while the next day it is a different version. The logo design mostly depends on the holiday or a national event that happened on that day.

Examples of Google Doodle Designs

The ideas for the Google doodles were brought up by a group of users or other Googlers, while the doodle designs were actually designed by engineers and illustrators. These groups would team up together and form a logo design every now and then. Since technology changes over the years, the logo design of Google updates to a new version once in a while. In addition, the logo design of Google gives off a cool vibe to users. To get to a satisfying logo design, Kedar tried out many different experiments on the color and typeface for the Google logo. Likewise, we can see that the Google company is more of a playful and creative company, since the logo designs get more artistic every year.


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