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CUNY Perks

After being a student in the CUNY System for over two years, I’ve come to notice that we have a lot of perks as CUNY students. But one of my favorite perks is the discounted and free access to many of the museum and exhibits around the city. When I went to the High School of Art & Design, we had free access to every art museum so it’s good to know that I still have that luxury even while being in college.


Thumbnails are a significant part of the design process. It is the step that allows you to take all of your ideas and bring them to life without having to commit to just one design. I think this is a very important step, specially when creating logos because although you might have a specific idea in mind, its always good to explore all your options so that you can create the best design in the end.

New York Times Article: Thoughts

I read the New York Times article, “How Do You Paint an Eclipse? Work Fast in the Dark”. This article gave the run down on how eclipses were captured in  the beginning of the 20th century. An artist by the name of Howard Russell Butler was invited to view the solar eclipse of 1918 in Oregon, he was then asked to capture the eclipse by painting it and this way turned out to be very effective because the equipment needed to capture solar eclipses had not yet been invented. I thought the article was quite interesting because it shows how much can change in just a hundred years, from paints to iPhone photos and Instagram filters, what a time to be alive!




1. Write out your design goal, why are you taking the class?

  • One of my design goals this semester is to discipline myself to be more committed to my projects. I start off strong and then let go of things in the end which usually results in work that could be better if I had just kept the same determination throughout the entire process. I am taking this class because it is required but I’m still excited to take it because I love design so it’s always good to find ways to brush up on your skills.
    2. what type of work inspires you? what else inspires you?
  • I’m really into surrealism and abstract work, whenever I see it I feel inspired to create. I am Freelance Makeup Artist and also a beauty blogger, so that type of art really inspires me when I’m working.
    3. what is your preferred design process – how do you like to work? (i.e. coding, on the computer, with a marker, pencil, in small notebooks, murals, collages, planned out, spontaneous, etc.)
  • I do a lot of design work on Photoshop or Illustrator but my preferred design process is the application of makeup, especially editorial.
    4. what types of projects would you be interested in collaborating on?
  • I’m actually working with other artists during Fashion Week this year, this is one of my favorite forms of collaboration in my field.