Hi my name is Gary Jean-Juste. During my years at City Tech, I have learned a lot about the process of planning to shot a film, the process of setting up to shot a film, and the post production of editing the footing. I’ve have had some experience in school and some experience outside of school working on set as an editor assistant, audio assistant and gaffer, but even though these experience have taught me many things about the world of production I feel inexperience in many field. For my culmination project I would like to use all the skill that I do have and improve on the skills that I’m lacking by directing a short five to ten minute mockumentary that would forces on the topic of addiction. I decided to work to short film with Chastidy in the span of a two month period in order to shot and edit this film as our culmination project. We will be working with a cast of seven actors and crew of at least six people bring our project to life.

For this project we will be exploring the different equipment that can be use in this day and age that can be used to shot a video. We will be using a mobile device, most likely the Samsung Galaxy S5, and a DSLR, Cannon Rebel T5i, to both shot different scenes in our film. We will be using these to device because of how different they are able to record footage the mobile device not being as flexible as the DSLR. But, we will find the right frame rate, iso, and setting in general to get the film to look as seamless as possible. Audio is key to any major film and both equipment that we will be using have poor quality mic to record it. We will being using a shotgun microphone on a boom pole and a zoom recorder. This mean that we will always be the best audio during shooting so if we do need any ADR/Voice over work to be done we will be using the studio at city tech.

In this project I will be taking a position of power being placed in the role of director and this will be a major challenge for me. I ’am not normally a person in the leader position give out orders or making big final say on major project but, this will give me a good opportunity to found out if I do in fact have the skill to lead a crew in a major production. I know that I do have some of the qualification to run a crew from my run as crew head of the management team during the haunted hotel, but will I display those same skill in video production setting. Also trying to record a similar looking footage on both the mobile device and DSLR will heavily test my knowledge of camera setting and editing skills. This culmination will help me test out if I would able to work on set on a production or not.