Hello class; here we are.

Be proud of all the work you have created for this AND other classes throughout the semester. Here are some final updates on submitting for the 2nd to last class, presentation, and process book uploads.

DO NOT try to do too much, but what you do must be thorough, convincing, and fit your audience’s needs. ALL Projects must have at least 3 media channels connected to the project. Examples: Ways to find out about the project (maybe ads, social media, etc), The project itself (A platform, website, organization, etc.),

Selected your time slot for our final presentation (May 8th)

A reminder of deadlines:

Final Presentation: 

A PDF or Google Slide to be presented during class must be uploaded to the Google Form below by 2:30 p.m. the start of class.

Final Process Book:

Link to form

All process books must be viewable on Google Slides or PowerPoint via the web; if they remain inaccessible, the work will not be evaluated and points will be deducted.

Appreciation for all the effort and work displayed thus far.

The semester’s end is nearing, but stay strong against the pressure; you can do it! Keep in mind, you’re crafting for an audience. Your task is to persuade us that your creation serves a purpose in the world and stands out from existing concepts.

Guide us through the reasons for its necessity, the essence of your project, and how your audience will discover it.

Keep pushing forward!