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Professor Gernert

Joining Info + Agenda for Class Thursday May 21


Thursday May 21 is our last class for the semester. Your submittal of Module 3 drawings and calculations are due, and class time will be used for feedback and final review.

Here is the link for tomorrow’s class:

password: 205012

In addition, I will post 2 assessments for you to complete. They are similar to the assessments you did on the first day of the semester. You will receive extra points towards your final grade for completing them.

See you tomorrow,

Prof. Gernert


Summary of Class Thursday May 14


Attached here is the pdf of the sketches and slides we reviewed for your Structural Study calculations for Module 3. Be sure to do them accurately and draw your axonometric according to the dimensions you calculate. The whiteboard sketches from class are on the slides.

I’ve also included the sample cross sections that you need to complete for the assignment.

As always, email me with questions and send me your drawings as you work on them. You don’t need to wait till next class. It’s better to get feedback sooner so you can revise your drawing if you need to.

Module 3_May 14

This file is also in the Dropbox folder for the class.

Summary of Class May 12


Today we reviewed the calculations for the Girder (Primary beam) that you did last week. Then we reviewed the calculations for the decking for the 3 floor system materials, and the spacing options and requirements for the deck in each material. We then reviewed the calculations for the secondary beam that supports the decking.

Please note: Your final submittal for this Module must include both your Axonometric AND the Sections with each component’s dimensions, rule of thumb, and page in the Ching book BCI where you found the information.

The rules of thumb and other information we reviewed today can be found on the slides for Module 3.

Here is the link again for your use:



Summary of Class May 5 + Assignment Due Tuesday May 12


Attached here are the slides from today for your use to complete your calculations and start your axonometric.

Due Tuesday May 12: By the start of class — You should have your calculations for the primary beams, decking and secondary beams complete, and your primary beams drawn on your axon.

Here is the link to the pdf of the slides where you’ll find the calculation sketches I did during class:

arch 1231_Module 3_structural study slides_2020-0507

As always, please email me with questions; do not wait till next class.

Prof. Gernert

Summary of Class May 5 + Assignment Due May 7


Continuing Module 3 – Here is a PDF of the slides we reviewed today on how to calculate and draw your structural study.

Due this Thursday May 7: Draw a plan of the column grid and columns at 1/8″=1′-0″ as shown on slide #18. (If your paper is larger than 12″x18″ you might be able to fit a larger drawing.) Remember the axonometric you’ll make from this plan will be larger.

If you haven’t chosen your material yet you need to decide now and email me. See slides to decide which system you want to study – Steel, wood or concrete.

arch 1231_copy of Module 3_structural systems_20200505



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