Class Info

  • Date: Monday, April 26, 2021 — 2:30-5:50pm
  • Zoom Class Link Here

To-Do Before Class

  • Complete Section of Row House drawing started in class
    • See slides here for Assignment Instructions, dimension information and Plan + 3-d views of House
    • Complete your Plans first;
    • Use your plans as guide for front and rear walls location of house;
    • Use the Datum Information in the Assignment Instructions for ground + floor heights – as demonstrated and started in class
  • Email me with questions, please do not wait until next class
  • SUBMIT your drawings to Dropbox here by 6pm Sunday April 25


  • Multi-story buildings – plan and section views
  • Introduction to Stair – types and drawings


  • Demonstrate understanding of relationship of Plan view and Building Section of house through review and revision of drawings
  • Demonstrate proficiency in drawing stairs in section + plan view


  • Row House Drawings
    • Review your Section drawings + Datum information
    • Coordinate with measured drawings of Plans
    • Demonstrate Stair drawing methods
  • Start Stair drawing in class
    • Set up plan + section
    • Discuss various stair types and design calculations

To-Do After Class

  • Complete all drawings of Row House Assignment
    • 3 Floor Plans
    • 1 Building Section that includes datum symbols + dimension information
    • Add stair to your section drawing
    • On another sheet, Draw the Front and Rear Elevations
      • See dimension info on the 1st page of the Assignment and the Plans
  • REMINDER: Vocabulary Terms, Definitions + Images
    • Complete the definitions of vocabulary terms from class 2 weeks ago; add images that demonstrate your understanding of terms – see slides here
    • slide 3 for vocabulary terms – only the terms in bold type
  • SUBMIT your drawings and vocabulary work to Dropbox here by 6pm Sunday May 2