Class Info

  • Date: Monday, April 12, 2021 — 2:30-5:50pm
  • Zoom Class Link Here

To-Do Before Class

  • Complete work on your research project
    • Final presentations next class
    • See slides from class for assignment instructions – slide 1
    • And also for examples of how to present topics
    • Answer questions 3 + 4, and present your findings on the Topics listed in column B
  • Submit your Presentation to Dropbox here by April 11, 6pm
  • If you want to improve your grade on your Midterm
    • Complete your drawings from Project 1 – the small building
    • See slides here for the small building drawing assignment
    • Many of you are missing the Section + Plan drawings


  • Analyzing individual projects in the built environment
  • Introduce Urban Design: Architecture + Public Space


  • Demonstrate proficiency in written architectural descriptions and analysis
  • Demonstrate understanding of description vs. analysis
  • Choose images and organize Presentation to clarify and support your project analysis


  • Student presentations of the building project you chose
    • Prepare a Google Slide or PowerPoint Presentation
    • Include your written answers to the 4 questions on the assignment (see above To-Do before class)
    • Include the drawings and photos you have chosen to illustrate your points

  • Introduce Row House Project
    • Discuss value and use of Building Sections in architectural design
      • Project examples from 20th + 21st century architecture
    • Review Row House Assignment requirements
    • In-class 3-D sketching

To-Do After Class

  • Draw Plans of Row Housesee link here
    • The link above has the dimensions and other info for the assignment
  • Complete definitions of vocabulary terms from class; add images that demonstrate your understanding of terms – see slides here
  • Complete 3-D sketch of row house, started in class
  • Presentations of the architect + building project you chose — students who did not present today will present next class – Monday April 19