Class Info

  • Date: Monday, March 15, 2021 β€” 2:30-5:50pm
  • Zoom Class Link Here

To-Do Before Class

  • Project 1: Complete your Section and Plan views of your small building
  • Complete your 2 Elevation views
  • SUBMIT Project 1 drawings to Dropbox – in 1 pdf file

  • Architectural Vocabulary: See Slides from class (slide 25)
  • Complete writing the terms into your sketchbook + add definitions of each term
  • Provide an image for each term that explains its meaning – your image may be a sketch or photo or diagram
  • Photo your terms + images from your sketchbook; and SUBMIT jpg or pdf to Dropbox


  • Review Project 1 Section + Plan: scale + accuracy; overall quality
  • Review coordination with elevations
  • Section views + their value in architectural drawing
  • Present vocabulary terms, definitions and images


  • Demonstrate understanding of architectural drawing orthogonal views β€” plan, elevation + section
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of various scales, line weights and views in architectural drawing
  • Demonstrate understanding and use of architectural terminology in analysis and drawing


  • Review PROJECT 1 – Section, Plan and Elevations
    • Discuss + sketch drawing labels, symbols, dimensioning
    • Review architectural drawing β€œTips” from video
  • Review architectural terminology of week 1 – week 5
  • Catch up week and prep for Midterm Exam next week: March 22

To-Do After Class

  • Complete all assignments to date
    • Check Gradebook to see what you’re missing
  • Revise Project 1 drawings based on feedback today:
    • Make corrections, use line weights to clarify architectural elements
    • Add dimensions, and drawing labels; provide title block
  • Prepare for Midterm Exam next week
    • Review your drawings and vocabulary
      • Revise your small building drawings per feedback from class
    • Review architectural “Essential Tips” from video