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A collection of works // MTEC 3230 Spring 2021

In Order Update #4

The game is now set up with the core mechanic integrated into the environment. The player grabs the furniture piled up on the bed and places it around the room. Once it enters the trigger zone and the grab ends the object snaps into place. I struggled a bit with getting the rotation right since rotating to a specific point requires a Quaternion but I eventually found Quaternion.Euler() and was able to control the rotation of objects.

In the Unity Editor, I attached the scripts to each object and then attached a light and a particle system to the script. Then I gave an empty object with a box collider on it a tag with the name of the object it would be colliding with i.e. “desk” “shelf”. With everything in place I simply needed to iterate across all the items in the space. The most tedious part was inputting all the item location coordinates manually but as I said in a previous post I’m not sure of a way around it.

The next step is to add more details to make the game more exciting and immersive. I’m not sure what that entails but we’ll see what develops.

In Oder Update #3

The core mechanic is now established. Location information has to be entered manually for each object in order to enable it to snap into place but I’m not sure of any way to avoid that. As it stands now, the player grabs an object, triggering a spot light and particle system. When the player brings the object to the area where the light is, the particle system shuts off. If the object is within the trigger zone and the grab is released the object will snap to the predetermined vector locking it into the correct place.

Ideally this can be iterated over and over to form the basic mechanic of our game. All that remains to do now is decide on the locations of the objects so we can place our lights and particle systems and put that location data into the scripts for each object.

In Order Update #2

Here we see the basics of the core mechanic. Grabbing an object turns on a point light and a particle system which signal where the object is to be placed. When the object is brought to the empty box collider hovering over the particle system and light, the particle system is turned off. It will be a simple matter to get the collider to also turn off the light.

The next step is to trying and create a system that snaps the objects into place when they trigger the collision and the grab has ended. I struggled with implementing the OVRGrabbable scripts isGrabbed bool before but ideally I would use an if statement to see if the grab has ended and the collider has been triggered and then do a transform to the designated location. This may be beyond my current capabilities.

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