Trick of the Eye



This was the project that I was working on along with Ruth and Beverly. Beverly and I chose pink for Ruth, Beverly chose green for me, and I chose a dark blue for Beverly. I liked the colors that we chose for each other, since they in fact said many things about us. I enjoyed looking at the colors and shades, and also figuring out what we would draw for each other. Of course, the only troublesome part was going to get the paper and printing it out, for spending money never was my thing. But in the end, I was happy with the results, and it was great being able to speak and share more time with Ruth and Bev.



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GRA 1111 – PowerPoint Presentation JOBS

Steve Jobs power point

A powerpoint presentation covering Steve Jobs and his successes, as well as several other factors. A tribute to the creator of Apple, and also something needed to pass the class. You know how that goes.

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Swiss Poster Project



My Swiss poster for the Swiss poster project, Frozen Scream. I enjoyed creating this poster, mainly because of the fact that it included gradients and my favorite shades of blue, since I am not exactly a fan of blue. I also liked the name for our band as well… It fills me with an odd sense of nostalgia that I can’t quite seem to understand, but it’s there whether I like it or not, and it doesn’t bother me too much. I think I did a rather good job with this, negating the small blue spaces at the bottom, but other than that, I like to look at it.

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GRA-1111: Logo



This is my logo for my GRA 1111 class. Both letters of course represent my initials, and I’ve created this with my Copic multiliner pens. The font was taken from the Lord of the Rings fonts.

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GRA 1111: About Myself

There are many things to know about me, things that not many people would know unless they’ve met me in person. I’ve always loved to draw, ever since I was a child, and I believe I owe it to Pokemon for my love of drawing, since my first ever drawings were of traced Pokemon cards. I am five feet, three inches of both power and laziness, and I enjoy passing my time drawing, engaging in video games, or eating. I’ve always wanted to make a story of my own and have it published into a popular comic book, book, television series or movie. That is most probably my dream, and I hope I can work towards it, for if it has happened to some people, then it can surely happen to me as well. At least, that’s what I like to think. I always tend to stay on the optimistic side, and I am usually too happy for my own good, but I suppose it’s better to be happy and not some sad sack lying around all day. No sad sack over here, just a very happy yet oddly cynical person you’ll have to get used to. Have a pleasant day.

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GRA 1111: Courage quote

courage This image is from one of my favorite movies: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The quote was actally worded by Gandalf, though it was Bilbo he was speaking to, thus why I have Bilbo Baggins in the image instead of Gandalf the Grey.

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Galaxy Mash Up Gif


My animated gif inspired by the galaxy and space.

Singularity – Alone (Au5 and Fractal Remix) 

Young and Beautiful – Lana del Rey

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Highs and Lows


These two images captivate me a lot, and I actually must admit that I like the both of them very much. The filter of the first image brought out the lights, making it a high value photo as the white overcomes the shades of the darkness. It’s simple to me, yet it has a nice pattern to it with the radiator holes.

My favorite of the two however, the darker one, or the low valued one, shows more of a dark side. It’s darker and even looks a bit more eerie than the other. I like this one simply because of the deep black that the image has captured. It’s very alluring, resulting in me always turning to look at it and just study it. I like them both very much, but I’ve to say that the latter won me over.

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Inking: Obvious and Ambiguous

Those sketches that I started off with have now been stabilized and transformed into some amazing black and white drawings. I have to admit, it was rather time consuming when it came to sketching and inking the pieces, but that didn’t keep me from enjoying my time while working on this piece. I always feel bad when I use my ink on any image, but then again, inking pens were made for inking. I am glad that this has gone to a good project of mine and it really is cool to have things done on time.

I am ready to take these small images to the next step and I hope to see bigger and better things with these new skills that I am acquiring.  I’m keeping the images safe and ready for the next step, and I feel like I can tackle anything.



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View From My Window: Research

In this project, I looked out of my window to see what I normally would ignore. I enjoyed looking upon the many shapes that were presented to me, like rectangles, squares, triangles, and even shapes that weren’t exactly geometric. Lines and wires were scattered across the skies, and their black hues contrasted against the bright sky (even though I can’t see the sky much). Drawing these were an enjoyable experience.

There’s a barred gate covering my window, so I was unable to see much, but I soon realized that I was able to remove that and draw what I could truly see. Despite the fact that my eyes were greeted with drab shades and colors, I will still able to make things work when drawing the shapes. I was never one to really focus on the colors, anyways. I was surprised to see how my sketches came out, for I’m  not too good at drawing buildings or anything that is man-made. But I can already feel myself improving, and this is good news in my book. artsone

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