The City Tech Gen Ed College Theme – GenEdge – is a simple invitation: we offer an open-ended idea you can use to inspire a single lesson in your class, a project in your club, or any number of pursuits you choose to execute. It is a voluntary effort that provides us all a chance to gather later to compare notes and celebrate the work of our students in response to our framing of the theme. The goal of the project is to enhance the intellectual community and culture at City Tech and to find new ways for all members of the City Tech community – students, faculty, and staff – to connect with and learn from each other.

This year, the Gen Ed theme is: CONNECTED. The theme for  the 2020-2021 City Tech School Year is based on our responses to, reflections about and visions beyond the COVID19 Pandemic. It reflects our city’s, nation’s, and world’s experiences of isolation, illness, and loss of many kinds including death itself, as well as our solitary, shared, new, discovered, and reclaimed forms of togetherness, healing, and expressions of life. The theme reflects the renewed global movement for justice that includes people of all races, genders, sexualities, classes, nationalities, religions, abilities, and all the many expressions of our shared humanity. The theme is, also, based on our recognition of the challenges, responsibilities, and hopes that we share in our efforts to live in and sustain democracy in our city and our country, a democracy that is connected to a history of violent injustice and connected to a resilient tradition of uplifting resistance and overcoming, a democracy that is connected to ideas and ideals of democracy throughout the world.

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