City Tech GenEdge Style Guide

Posted on Feb 27, 2016

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Meaning of The City Tech GenEdge

The City Tech GenEdge represents  the added benefit of culture and community our students and graduates deserve as they enter the world as engaged citizens. This is the added boost our college provides our students so they excel in their professional, civic, and personal pursuits.

The City Tech GenEdge is the result of years of college-wide curriculum development and effort by the General Education Committee: we blended the Gen Ed requirements, the students’ needs, and the expectations of society to put together a meaningful approach to skills and attitudes we all can use.

Tone of GenEdge brand

The City Tech GenEdge is delving, welcoming, and continuous. The tone is always positive, clear, and inclusive. The GenEdge logo and brand were designed to extremely flexible while remaining crisp, clear, and always recognizable no matter the application. The tag’s slight angling is a tribute to the facets of our students’ building knowledge.

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