Submission Guidelines for KNOWING BROOKLYN

Posted on Feb 24, 2016
Submission Guidelines for KNOWING BROOKLYN

Submission Form

Instructions for submitting work for the KNOWING BROOKLYN Exhibits

Digital files:
• Please make all docs into PDFs
• Photos are welcome: try to leave them in a larger format, at least 1200px wide
• Name files clearly: lastname_firstname_01 (and change the number for each consecutive file)
• Include a document an explanation of each file.

Physical objects and items:
• You will be asked to indicate the nature of the object.
• We will email you with information about where and when to drop off your work.

File Drop for Digital Files

Please gather your files in the correct formats and with correct names. Create a file with a list of the file names which describe what they are and how they are relevant to the theme Knowing Brooklyn.

Zip them all into one archive if you can and submit them using the File Drop you will find in the submission form below.

Digital Work: is the work online already?

If you have work already online, please send the links and descriptions through the submission form. PLEASE NOTE: do not submit links to files we will have to download and sort. This option is for website, videos, and other materials which are hosted in order to be seen.

Physical Work: Description and Size

Write out what you are submitting: what is the object(s)? How large is the work? How heavy? Does the work need electricity? Does it need wifi? We will email you with directions to submit the work. Please note: you will be expected to pick up your work as of April 15th. Any work not picked up could be thrown out.

Submission Form


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