Contest Has Begun

The contest, “What Does Gen Ed Mean to You?” has officially begun. You have from now until April 29 at 5pm to submit a creative work that represents an answer to this question. Examples of accepted submission forms are audio visual works (in .MP4 and .MOV), art projects, posters, and other creative media.

Remember, three prizes will be awarded. One from each school: Technology and Design, Arts and Sciences, and Professional Studies. The winning submissions will be used to promote General Education in the college starting next semester.

This is a great opportunity for you to think about what the goal of General Education is, and what it means to you. Group submissions will be accepted, however the prize will be $250 per winning entry no matter the size of the group.

Make sure that you submit the release forms with your entry. They can befound under files on this project site.

For general questions, submit in the Discussion labeled Questions. For individual questions, email us at

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