As I Continue my internship with Unity for Equality, I have gotten more comfortable with the company. I enjoy the tasks that I get assigned they are clear and easy to follow. The department has a great form of communication that keeps everyone on the same track.  I also have got more familiar with the branding guidelines it has being easier and less time-consuming as well to create new designs.  For my second assignment, I had to design an article page of a written article by one of the company’s authors. This task was very different from the previous one since it had more text. I had to make sure to use the right layouts, type, spaces, and relatable photos.  I enjoyed working with this task and designed more than what I was asked for, after completing the designs I deliver them for approval. On my first attempt, I received some feedback on what needed to be fixed. I liked how clear and professional my supervisor was because this helps me learn and avoid mistakes in the future. 

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