As I continue my internship position with Unity for Equality I have enhanced my design skills and learned more about the organization. My role consists of helping the design department with their new monthly projects like Newsletters, articles, relatable images, and covers. Every week I am assigned a new task when finished I send it over to the head department that way she can approve it or give me feedback. If it needs to be revised, she kindly points out what needs to be fixed. I take this as a great learning experience even if sometimes I don’t agree with her and at times I send different versions aside of what I think could be good. During my first week, I got the chance to connect with my team and be a part of the quarterly meeting via zoom with everyone from the company. In the meeting, they welcomed the new interns and congratulated a few members. They also discuss future plans to expand more overseas extending their work and opening more positions within the organization. Overall, I enjoy working for this dedicated organization and admire their work.

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