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Reflection process

I believe that offering feedback to my peers can guide them and spark new ideas for them to apply to their work. It also helps them to discover any mistakes that they may have mad during the course of their work. It is good to have a fresh set of eyes to view work because it can reveal hidden errors that the writer may have never seen in the process. Offering feed back also allows me to learn more about the people in my specific group through their writing. With this knowledge it will come easier to work with them in any future assignments that we receive.

Project #1 Final

Being a new student in college can have its own unique affect on people. You have to get used the new schedule, adjust to the culture of the school, and probably get lost fifteen to twenty times trying to find your way to math class. Now that I’m eighteen I have to establish a sense of independence. I have to learn how to be serious about my work while at the same time having fun and meeting new people along the way. When I become more comfortable with people around me, I begin to show more enthusiasm. Some may even say I seem cheerful or joyous all the time. I gradually become more outgoing and bold in an environment that I am familiar with. After a number of years, I have found that I have an interest in the field of graphic design. When ever I see a billboard advertisement or a commercial for an upcoming video game, I begin to gaze in awe wondering how something like this can look so realistic. From this I can conclude that my design aesthetic is the concept of graphic effects. Therefore, between five to ten years from now I imagine myself in this field of work.

In order to find an avatar, I had to brainstorm and think about what I wanted my profile to represent. I didn’t want people to assume that my profile conveyed something else other than what it was meant for. However, I wanted it to be unique and humorous. In order to do this I set up a list of photos that could potentially be the new avatar. My first choice was to post a simple a “selfie” of myself to use in my profile. I soon realized that there was nothing unique about this. Nobody would be able to infer or understand the kind of person I am, simply because there is no deeper meaning. After switching through multiple avatars, I found one that I thought would represent my profile in the correct way. The avatar displays a picture of Kermit the frog sipping on a cup of tea. This has been a trending photo on social media for the past few months. It represents the well known phrase ” But that’s not my business though” and is used in order to expose issues that people either see, or face at times. It has become a symbol that was created for the purpose of comedy on Facebook, Instagram and more. This avatar represents me because it shows that I enjoy having fun, making jokes, and love express it through media. It symbolizes the joyous side of my personality.

Based on my own avatar, I can infer that there are numerous interpretations that individuals may have. One example of a misinterpretation is that I am a major fan of Walt Disney’s  “The Muppets”. Just by viewing the photo at first glance, they may assume that Kermit the Frog is one my favorite characters out of the group. Another misinterpretation is that I may have just uploaded the photo as a place holder because I could not think of anything else to fill the void. Individuals who may not normally keep up with social media may not fully grasp the meaning of the avatar or what it stands for. Therefore, they will not know how it represents me.

The concept that my profile will convey is very significant. Overall, it conveys that I have an amusing personality. I have my comedic moments that generally are shown when I am comfortable with a group of people. When I think back on the significance of my profile ,it causes me to think about the popular line, ” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” due to the fact that people will make curtain assumptions about you based on the first thing they see on the profile. When this occurs, they will begin to categorize  you in a different way. In a worst case scenario they me even become skeptical towards you. However, once they understand the deeper meaning of what they view, they will then begin to see the profile from a whole new perspective.

As one can see, the way an individual views an avatar can open up a whole discussion on the concept of interpretations and the message being conveyed. Whatever the profile conveys is important. However, despite what people may think, if it is something that represents your personality, it should remain exactly the same.