The Boston Photographs: Summary

This article signifies a very dark time concerning the death of a woman and the near death of a child. The photos that were taken during this event bring back much emotions for people who heard about it or were in the are that day. The author explains how she never meant for things to turn out in such away. Originally, it was supposed to be a picture frame of a heroic fire fighter attempting to get a couple of citizens out of the way of danger. In an instant things took a turn for the worst when the platform collapsed and they could do nothing but go in the way of gravity. At that moment the author had caught several shots before the young lady fell to her demise. She explains that newspapers do not usually post any photos of death. She reveals that you never actually see a body of the person who died in the papers. She clearly expresses that death is apart of life, so what is the point of hiding something such as this.

In my opinion,if she had survived, these photos would have symbolized a whole new meaning. It would have been seen as a miracle that she survived such a fall. Therefore, these photos would have a more positive vibe. This article strikes me as informative because it opens my eyes to the fact that society tries to hide things from the public that they don’t believe should be seen. In a way it’s sort of a biased, because there are people  who believe that a reality such as death should not be hidden especially if it is something that is apart of life.

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