City limits Reflection

Colson Whitehead’s ” City Limits” opens our eyes to a new perspective concerning the “Old new york” and the ” Present new york”. He shows us that we each have our own version of how we see New York. He states ” You start building your private New York the first time you lay eyes on it” Colson is trying to convey that from the time you first experience New york in itself, is the moment you begin to remember it exactly how you first see it. However, as time passes, things slowly begin to change. Buildings may be replaced, new sky scrapers may be built, or even transportation changes. Despite this, you will never forget the way things were because that is what you originally experienced.

Throughout the text, Colson stresses that we don’t know when things are going to change around us. Therefore we never really get a chance to say goodbye to the many places we know so well and love. Anytime you go to the nearest pizza shop could be the last time you ever get to by from there. It really makes you realize that you should value certain things while they are still around. As I read the text, I thought of the well known line that states,  “Nothing last forever”. Keeping in mind that New York is constantly changing and evolving, it is a weak chance that ones version of New york will always be reality.

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