Type fonts have been a big impact on our daily lives. Even if you don’t notice. they are literally everywhere. From Magazines, to adds, to street signs to book and etc. They play a big part for the most successful advertising companies, and without them simply things would be more complicated to read or understand. Although with all this information, I simply did not knew that the type font Helvetica had impacted us so much in the last 60 years. While watching the Movie “Helvetica” I learned the huge impact that it had on people. Before it appeared, most of our advertising looked old style. At times reading an article was not even taken seriously because most of the fonts looked too cartoony or handmade. When Helvetica finally came out, it modernized everything around it, in fact, people use it often in all kind of business still today. It’s amazing also how can a type font give so much controversy. A lot of amazing artist and designers around the world still debate today if they love or hate Helvetica, being so popular that even some people started to find it boring because most companies ask for it in their business. In my own Opinion, after watching the film, I felt 300 times more curios to learn more about type fonts. I never thought it was so important and so demanding on learning how to properly use type fonts for certain different kind of business and locations. I’m honestly more of a person who tended to look at the big picture, but I never looked at the fonts. I wanna try to change that in this class, and possibly use my skills in the future for advertising.

>>>Click here to watch Helvetian Documentary<<<

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