Hello Guys! My name is Genesis. I am a licensed professional nurse and am currently trying to get my bachelors in Nursing. I graduated with my associates in January of 2018 and plan to graduate City Tech again on September of 2019. Since my first graduation, I have been employed in an outpatient pediatrics facility affiliated with Weill Cornell in the upper east side of Manhattan. This job has actually taught me so much about the nursing field in regard to skill, identifying symptoms and disease processes, and providing care. Some skills that I have acquired in this job is performing phlebotomy and urinary catheterizations on younger patients (as young as newborns), and triaging phone calls and patients. I have been able to identify symptoms and recognize common illnesses among pediatric patients as well as perform vital assessments prior to them seeing the physician. This job has taught me to always stay on my toes, and also taught me a great deal of patience. When you deal with pediatric clients, you also have to tend to the needs of their loved ones. You learn empathy while you try to place yourself in a scared parent’s shoes. You learn resilience, when parents project their attitudes toward you. You learn to be respectful and non-judgmental. As a nurse, you learn that there will be good days and bad days. You learn to try to look at the brighter side of things and to remember that there are people here in need of your help and care. This job teaches me something new everyday, and as a first job, it is greatly appreciated. I look forward to see what the future has coming for me and I am ready to bring the skills and strengths that I’ve acquired to help myself grow.