”Men Don’t Want Women to be Men”

Sojourner Truth’s speech was very interesting and powerful. Truth talks about how men believe that women needed to be helped into carriages or be lifted over ditches as if they were weak human beings or as if only men have muscles. Truth makes a strong point when she says that no one has ever helped her and that she does it for herself because she’s capable. In Marius Robinson’s transcription (June 21,1851) Sojourner Truth talks about how she is like a man, she has plowed, reaped, husked, chopped and mowed, explaining that she has muscles and is capable of doing as much work as any man. She mentions an important point saying that when it comes to being intellectual “ if women have a pint and man a quart – why can’t she have her little pint full?” I believe that what she’s trying to say is that women already receive half the opportunities as men and yet it’s not a full chance. In other words education, men and women can be educated but there’s a glass ceiling that makes it harder for women. Truth mentions the fear that men half because they believe that once women have rights they will become greedy and take more. This is ironic because that’s what men did and still do to this day. For example, why isn’t that we still don’t have equal pay in the workplace or why isn’t maternity leave being paid for ? Truth also says “ Why children, if you have woman’s rights, give it to her and you will feel better.” She is implying that yes women have rights but men aren’t being given to them, in other words why keep something that doesn’t belong to you. Truth mentions religion and Jesus and how even in the Bible women like Eve were the only ones  being blamed, as if Adam hadn’t sinned as well. She continues and says “Well if women upset the truth world, do give her a chance to set it right side up again.” I believe that she’s implying that men still are punishing women for what happened with Eve in the Bible. Overall I enjoyed Truth’s speech and it’s a powerful message for the men.  


3 thoughts on “”Men Don’t Want Women to be Men””

  1. As I was reading your response, I thought to myself back in the day men did help into carriages, hold doors etc. Now a days its very rare thing. Some men these days do treat women as equals and treat them as men too which I’ve witnessed and I didnt like it. We can be strong and educated but at the same time a woman is a woman, a gentle soul.

  2. First off I would like to say very well written response and I agree with your perspective on how women are just seen as weak and fragile to men during this time period and even thought truth talks about her abilities and strength that as equal to men she is still pushed back and looked down upon because she is a women of color. And with this is truly painful and unfair to women who still do so much to prove their strength and worth to men.

  3. First off, I feel like it took courage for truth to stand a front of everyone and speak her mind. As she mentioned, she wasn’t treated good or carried in carriages over the dungeon. Adding on, Women were viewed as weak and fragile. Truth did not only face obstacles for being a women but also for a being a women of color.

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