Do Not Go Gentle into that Goodnight

Wollstonecraft wrote, “Those who advise us only to turn ourselves into gentle domestic animals—how grossly they insult us!”

Meaning there are people and not just men telling us as women we should be good little kitties and puppies. Be gentle and soft, don’t fight back. Even if your soul is being crushed with the hammer of mankind, so what? You are just a woman, lay down and let your belly be rubbed like the good girl you are. All women are supposed to do is take care of others, not themselves. But what Wollstonecraft wrote there is to be insulted! Let your feelings be know! You are not some domesticated pet that can be kicked around like a soccer ball. You are woman, let them hear you roar! There is no need to be the lowest part of the food chain anymore. If we don’t speak up she also tells us we may as well lay down and die! Strive for something more than just to be able to “deal with” the abuse of being the lesser. That it is a must that you speak up and let them know this is not a compliment it is insulting to say your sole purpose is to make a man happy. Marriage does not have to be your end goal. Hell it doesn’t have to be your goal at all!

5 thoughts on “Do Not Go Gentle into that Goodnight”

  1. The first quote was a good quote you pulled out. As I went back to the first quote you mentioned I felt like Mary Wollstonecraft felt that women should be able to have a voice. They should be able to speak up and to share their own opinions or beliefs. If they had the boldness to speak up they wouldn’t have been seen as weak or looked at lower than men. Women shouldn’t value themselves under men and should think for themselves because men take advantage and see themselves as tough and strong. They should be able to make their own decisions instead of their husbands considering any decisions.

  2. Definitely agree with you and love how Wollstonecraft weaves that into the speech so eloquently. Placing men on trial for their actions in a way that isn’t alarming. She also places us on notice as well. I think the speech it’s framed the way it is to be really to help wake us up. Like she saying yo, you have a part in this too , guys can’t be completely to blame if we don’t want to strive for better in the firsts place. Personally I think as tamed as the anger in her speech is , it set the way foundational pillars to build our feminism up with …we wouldn’t have been able to have more serious conversations of women of color or sexual assault had we not insisted on our equality to begin with.

  3. You have really expressed how feel about women being taking for granted, and misused. I liked how you stated ‘You are a woman,let them hear you roar!’ It’s reflects Sojourner saying ‘and ar’n’t I a woman?’ ‘I am as strong as any man that is now.’ Women do have to let men know they don’t need their validations.

  4. This specific quote from Wollstone Craft embodies the continuous mindset that society has seen women as- a helpless case that should depend on a men, which is just as ridiculous as it sounds. Women were considered to be at a level where there silence was more important than being able to exercise their mindset and voice. That fortunately has changed tremendously in today’s current times where we do have the ability to fight against these stereotypes and become more in tuned with the virtues they also deserve.

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