A little bit of Truth never hurt anyone

I want to speak today less about not just about content but contrast. Excuse me if I go off into a tangent but I’m sort of in writing mode at this moment. In Sojourner’s speech “Ain’t I a woman” we get our first glance of intersectional feminism. Which for many of us is the only feminism that counts. Before which there was only white feminism, which coined as such for not just it’s lack of racial diversity but it’s inability to see other forms of oppression (disability, sexual orientation, personal expression,..) and how they intersected to create hole sets of oppression, where the cumulative freedom of let’s say a black gay woman was far more impacted than that of even a white woman who dressed in “man’s clothes”. This difference carries through and quite saliently in today’s life. We saw it in the race based gender shaming of Michelle Obama for example. That she was said was not even a real woman. We’ve also seen this in other classes. Bernie Sanders has been shamed now and in the past for having been on welfare before getting into office. He illumination into how the individual modes of caste were significant in dividing the classes even further in  their dynamics was as consequential to liberation and civil rights as anything that came later from Dr. King or Audre Lorde. I feel historically she wrote the cipher by which feminism could understand the internal conflicts that still held it back and the catalyst by which it was unified and fired as a projectile of freedom. I especially love how she not only deconstructs gender in both essays and race, but how she throws in empowering quotes of woman’s involvement in the world into both.

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