I got interested in the topic about immigration, throughout my research I focused on understanding why immigrants decide to cross the border than applying for a visa. In order to understand this I had to do research on the visa process. I used to think that the visa process was easy and when applying and having the requirements you’d have a high chance of getting the visa, but I was wrong. Getting the visa is more based on luck, although crossing the border illegally is more life risking it is more likely for a person to make it to the U.S. than applying for a visa. I want to learn more about the complications people go through in both the visa process and when crossing the border. Realizing that I was wrong made me more interested in this topic. I feel it’s important to know more about the immigration system and its complications because it plays a big role in society and it will most likely always play a role. My final research question is How does the U.S. Visa application process, impact border crossing?