Prof. Garcia | ENG 1121 - O427 | Spring 2021

Drafting the Annotations

Kambhampaty, Anna P., and Haruka Sakaguchi. “’I Will Not Stand Silent.’ 10 Asian Americans Reflect on Racism During the Pandemic and the Need for Equality.” Time, 25 June 2020,

According to this article, the authors give insights on what Asian Americans face in amidst of this pandemic. Experiences are collected from multiple Asian descents to justify the discrimination they encounter on a daily basis that not only disturb the individual’s life but how it also affects how they perform their normal daily routine outside the world prior to the pandemic. There have been limitations that some Asians put in this period of their life regarding what activities they can perform outside such as taking a simple walk to get to a destination in fear of being attacked without warning. This pandemic has caused unwanted attractions toward Asians, resulting in unprovoked verbal and physical attacks towards Asian descents as described in their experiences. This source was able to provide more than enough answers as to what most Asians would face on a daily basis, as the article reveals that Asian’s personal life have been affected at a social level by society’s unfair stereotype and discrimination. This includes not being able to perform simple errands as home is the safest location, and being ostracized in society. The article is credible because the author, Kambhampaty, is a reporter from Times who was able to report primary sources of ten different individual stories from different Asian descents to describe their encounters rather than generalizing the situations that Asians faced. A question that I would ask is besides Asian’s personal life affected at a social level, what other ways were they affected such as emotionally or financially. The genre choice was fully able to execute its plan of how Asians are affected in a thorough descriptive story. “Liao was on a grocery run on April 19 when she stopped to adjust her mask. A tall older man in a Yankees cap crossed the road toward her and walked in her direction. “Next time, don’t bring your diseases back from your country,” he told her… Now she makes multiple grocery trips a week out of fear that carrying too many bags could put her in a position where she couldn’t defend herself” (Kambhampaty). 

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  1. Ruth Garcia

    A couple of things to work on:
    1. Separate your summary and evaluation into two different paragraphs.
    2. Then make sure you use language in each that indicates that you are giving the authors or your idea.
    3. Also, once you separate the paragraphs check to see it you feel that each section is complete.
    4. Finally, try integrating your quotations into sentences in your paragraphs rather then just listing them at the end.

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