Week 9: Monday, 3/29 – Friday, 4/2 (Spring Recess, no classes)

 As I mentioned in class, there is no work due during spring break. My office hours are also canceled this week.

  • Tuesday, 3/30: Spring Recess, no classes
  • Thursday, 4/1: Spring Recess, no classes

However, I recommend using this week to do the following:

  1. Catch up on late work. If you are making up work, then once you are done please let me know what you have completed so I know to go into our site and look for it.
  2. Find your sources for the annotated bibliography. Having these ready to go will mean you are ready to draft your entries for the annotated bibliography—this is the work we will be doing next week.

Week 10: Monday, 4/5 – Friday, 4/9

Tuesday, 4/6 (asynchronous: work due on our class site by 11:59 pm)


WRITING: Drafting the Annotations

  • If you have not already done so, use the City Tech library’s online databases or the internet to locate one reputable source that helps you respond to your research question.
    • Some useful databases are LexisNexis, Academic Search Complete, and Opposing Viewpoints. Please note: The first source you come across will not necessarily be the best one! You will have to look at multiple sources to find one that is truly useful for your specific question.
  • Read your source carefully a couple of times and take notes. (Either take notes directly on the article or write down ideas and quotes from the text that you find compelling.)
  • Write a Post with the first entry for the Annotated Bibliography Project. This includes the following:
    • The MLA bibliographic citation
    • A summary of the source (include at least one direct quote and cite it properly)
    • A rhetorical analysis of the source
      • include at least one direct quote and cite it properly
      • your opinion of the source
      • your views on the credibility of the author/s
      • further questions for the author/s
      • your ideas on the genre choice as it relates to the content being delivered
    • Before publishingyour post, make sure you do the following:
      • Title it “Drafting the Annotations”
      • Pick the category “Unit 2”
    • Continue researching and looking for sources. Find two additional sources for your annotated bibliography. Try to explore a variety of genres for this assignment: consider journal articles, TED Talks, podcasts, Op-Eds, letters, or news reports.

Thursday, 4/8 (synchronous session)

Classwork: Drafting