Mary Wollstonecraft is writing this letter because she wants to convince a legislator that women deserve to be granted the natural rights of mankind. She uses the argument that men must act like tyrants in some way and are also undermining morality if these rights are not granted in the New Constitution. Wollstonecraft sees the issue as a problem because she believes that women are being held down and not being respected. She says that men are allowed to fight for their freedom, so women should be granted the same privilege. Women should be allowed to decide for themselves what promotes their own happiness, it should not be a man that decides for them. She says this is the same argument that tyrants use, claiming that something is done for someone else’s best interest. She also says that it’s a reasonable argument to give women civil and political rights, they will not act virtuously simply because of authority and it’s in the best interest of men and women that women are granted the same rights as men. If women aren’t given legitimate rights, they will look for illicit privileges in a manner that would make both men and themselves vicious. Wollstonecraft’s discourse community would be the women in France who were denied natural rights. The recipient would be outside of the discourse community because they are a male legislator.