“In addition to owning genres, it has acquired some specific lexis”

I feel that I can relate to this quote because I work as a cashier in a supermarket and some fruits or vegetables that can not scan have a specific code that only people working there would be able to understand of what kind of product one could be talking about. Also with my close friends in Peru we created a word “Acaseseses” that we use whenever we can not talk about an specific subject because we have people around us that can listen to our conversation.

“A DC develops horizon of expectation” 

I found this a very interesting idea because a person without thinking about it is already expecting something from wherever place they are going. This made me think in different scenarios where I have gone to a new place without thinking that I already had an expectation on how the environment of the place would be. Also, this does not only applies to a new place but also to a place that you are familiar with already, for example. When I used to be a volleyball back in Peru. the times that I was late, on my way to the practice I kind of already knew what I would be doing if I was there, therefore I already had an expectation of my practice.