Quote 1:

“While in the Computer Center, the shelf-life of computer manuals, etc., is often just a matter of months before an update appears or some patch is incorporated.” (Paragraph 2)

I feel connected to this quote because it is very true that for certain communities the time moves quicker. When it comes to classes dealing with computers, the books can be less than a year old and be already out of date. This is especially true for software because by the time the book is published, the software could have gotten a major update.

Quote 2:

“In addition, discourse communities both influence and are influenced by the larger communities within which they are situated. In consequence, when a university becomes established in a town, the presence of this constellation of discourse communities influences the wider urban environment; as a result, the urban environment provides services that are helpful to the university, such as cheap student housing, cheap restaurants, museums, and more bookshops, which in turn further consolidates our sense of a university town like Cambridge, Heidelberg, or Uppsala.” (Paragraph 9)

This quote shows how certain towns have been designed around the universities and how the discourse communities and the immediate surroundings are directly related to each other.

Three discourse communities I am in are computers, games, and school. In the computer discourse, we discuss all of the new computer technology. We value the computer components for different types of work like rendering and, graphic design. We communicate on a lot of online forums and YouTube. Another community is the games community where we are interested in the latest games, we value playing the games themselves and get excited for all of the newest game releases, especially the consoles. We discuss which gaming platform we think is the best. In the school discourse, we want to succeed in the classes. We value doing the work and participating.