Quote 1- “In the ELI, the shelf-life of its products, typically textbooks and tests, runs some 5–10 years or so before they are revised or replaced. While in the Computer Center, the shelf-life of computer manuals, etc., is often just a matter of months before an update appears or some patch is incorporated.”
Many of us relate to updating technology to make it better and forget to update ourselves on books. We pay more attention now to the upgrades of new phones and features more than new books released.

Quote two- “I am, of course, familiar with my local discourse community in Michigan’s ELI. I know when the building is unlocked and how to gain access when it is locked, where the toilets are, and who to ask for technical help….when I travel to another university for a conference, I do not know any of these things and, unless the signage is excellent, I will probably soon get lost. ”
I relate to this quote since the same thing will happen to me in a new community. I am familiar with my community. If I would go to a whole different discourse community, I will get lost. When we are new to, a community everything is a mystery to us. But within time, we familiarize ourselves adapting to the discoveries in which we are now part of the community.