One of the pieces that caught my eye was the infographic by Chelsea Harrison, “College Students and Social Media”. It presented its message very well, using drawings to visually represent things like phones, etc. But it also used the visuals to present new information that is not only detailed but also digestible and fluid. What I’ve noticed about these multimodal pieces is that they all use different ways of presenting information. Infographics typically use graphics and such to present ideas, but still are as informative as essays, news articles, and such. Multimodal pieces are also quite dense with information, so they can be long reads, coupled with the main point of them, which is to inform and educate through different means of media. Typically, these pieces reach a broad audience, who create a discussion based on the subject of the multimodal piece. They get a conversation going, whether they’re mired in controversy or not doesn’t matter. As long as they got people talking about the subject matter, the goal is met.