For my discourse community, I chose to speak about the sneakerhead community. Addressing some issues that people have been experiencing for a while and little to no changes have been made. The first issue I wanted to address is how poorly sneaker releases have been handled. At the start, I planned to write directly to the CEOs of companies such as Nike, Adidas, etc. I started to address executives and speak to them directly and quickly was short on things to say. Shortly after, I noticed maybe a speech could fit my style. Addressing executives and people who just care about numbers don’t care about who consumes their products. I switched over to address the issue directly to sneakerheads, newcomers, and the ones who have been involved from the beginning. After I decided on an audience, I thought about how exactly I could talk to the community. I decided the best way to speak to everyone would be to start with a definition. Defining what a sneakerhead is would have some question themselves “Am I a sneakerhead?”. From there, address a big issue within our community which is the process of buying sneakers. Talking about the process of buying sneakers and the history of how drastically the progress has changed over the years. Lastly, speak about how as a community we should try to fix things for ourselves. At first, when writing I had a tough decision to make. Whether to speak with terms we use within the sneakerhead community or use common terminology? I decided to play it say and use language people would know without me having to explain terms.