Prof. Garcia | ENG 1121 - HD18 | Spring 2022

Discussion: Problems and Issues

Use commenting to complete the following assignment: Go back to your list of Discourse Communities, list them again here and name two or three problems or issues that are central to each one.


  1. brian torres

    Fps gamers: toxic way of playing with other players, Uses harsh language
    gym goer: few judge others how they look and workout, few hog machines

    • Ruth Garcia

      What is FPS? As for gym goers that is too broad. Can you narrow down?

  2. Princess Edem

    List of discourse communities and their problems –
    1. Pentecostal Christians –
    a. Many pastors express wrong teachings of pentecostalism in their churches
    b. There aren’t enough Pentecostal churches around the world

    2. After school program workers for kids attending elementary schools –
    a. Kids are not fully understanding the lessons they are taught in school or their homework
    b. Kids sometimes don’t have enough time to complete their homework because of how short the afterschool program hours are

    3. Pre-nursing students at City Tech –
    a. Pre-nursing students have to compete against each other in order to be accepted into the program
    b. Pre-nursing students have to aim for all A’s in their courses and have to study for hours in order to have a guaranteed spot in the Nursing program.

    • Ruth Garcia

      It is not clear what the problem is with after school programs. Maybe a few more details would help clarify that. As for the nursing program, the problem for both things you list seems to be that it is competitive. But is this really a problem? Or is it perhaps that the programs don’t take enough variables into account when judging students which is perhaps unfair?

  3. Nigel Sukhnandan

    City tech mechanical engineering students: 1. Difficulty in getting internships. The school provides some help but not a lot. 2. The decrease in hands on learning and the quality of teaching because of the pandemic. 3. The school making us take unnecessary classes like flex cores when engineering takes up enough time.
    Planet fitness gym goers: 1. Too much cardio equipment. 2. They only have smith machines and no barbells. 3. For a place that is judgment free they are quite judgmental of people who are serious about the gym.

    • Ruth Garcia

      I wonder if you could combine the three things for City Tech mechanical engineering students under one larger problem? Maybe it all has to do with the structure of the program or the way the program prepares students.

  4. Tamekacassie

    Nursing Students at City Tech
    1.Late/last minute registration. Registering a day before or hours before the semester starts
    2.Late clinical hours. Clinicals ending at 10/11pm at night.

    Healthcare professionals at St John’s Hospital
    1.Mandatory overtime/Mandating employees to work an extra shift or risk being fired
    2.Being severely understaff majority of the time
    3.Workplace violence from patients against us healthcare professionals

    • Ruth Garcia

      For both these good possibilities, I think you can combine the things you list under the discourse community into one larger problem.

  5. Tabitha Demero

    Women Engineers
    – power imbalance
    – only make 13-25% of engineering jobs
    – face career/workplace challenges set bt their male colleagues

    Mechanical Engineers
    – They face extreme weather conditions
    -dangerous situations to carry out their work in.

    • Ruth Garcia

      I think your first choice would be really interesting to pursue (though you should do the one most interesting to you). And as I said to various students above, the things you list under Women Engineers are actually all parts of the same problem. And the problem seems to be the gender inequality in the field of Engineering.

  6. Francisco Rodriguez

    1.First Gen college students:
    Lack of information about college. Not having a guide or close reference to help them.
    Social life gets low priority and stop interacting with many people
    Mental health takes a toll when trying to maintain a balanced life.

    2. Retail/Costco employee:
    Workload is higher than other big box stores.
    Customers often have a hard time using common sense.

    3.FMGT students
    Classes are always schedule late and not available every semester
    Internship opportunities are limited

    • Ruth Garcia

      I think your first and third choices would both be really interesting. With your first choice about first generation college students, it is not clear how the second and third things you list are specific to first generation college students.

  7. Anthony Pietromonico

    My list of discourse communities,
    1)UFC/MMA fighter
    2)City tech environmental control major

    Problems with each one
    1a) time management is a big one for us fighters. If you want to be good you have to put yourself through a lot of trains 2-3 hours a day. Which i hard to do if you have work and school
    1b) sponsors and payout, in this sport there’s no scholarships or grants you get for playing, you have to put everything you got on the line and hope someone sponsors a young new fighter.
    1c) health care isn’t proved on the scale that it should be
    2a) this section of city tech is very small which comes with its advantages and disadvantages. For new students that weren’t given any information it’s hard to know what is going on. The advisers for the course are the teachers and our classes are moved around all the time without any notice.
    2b)theres not alot of people in your classes so in a way it’s easier to get to know everyone but usually if someone is lost or needs help everyone does.

    • Ruth Garcia

      I think that 1b or 2a have can be broadened a bit to develop your problem, depending on which discourse community you choose to do.

  8. Vadim

    Problems and issues of discourse community:
    Computer classes at City tech
    -Using different technology, for example, different computer system like: Windows, Mac OS, Linux.
    -Learning different computer language at higher level of programming
    -Different study program, some might start with with overall computer system, so might with start with programming or even making games or websites.

    People learning English, at school for example.
    -Understanding of course
    -Different level of vocabulary
    -Understanding of language
    -Time of living in country

    • Ruth Garcia

      Both your discourse communities are too broad. You might focus in on a particular computer related major at City Tech but all students who take computer classes at City Tech is too broad a discourse community.

  9. Scott

    1. New students at a school
    2. Video gamers
    3. Religious groups
    4. Fan of a TV shows
    5. Music bans

    1a. New students can be challenged or lost in a new environment they never experienced before.
    2a. Video Gammer can be addictive very fast to play these games.
    3a. Religious groups can be staying with their own kind of people because of their faith.

    • Ruth Garcia

      You need to narrow down your discourse communities as these are all too broad. For example you might consider focusing on entering students at City Tech. And it would be even better if you narrowed down further –for example transfer students entering City Tech.

  10. Josseline Barros

    1. New students in City Tech
    2. Feminist groups

    1. New students at City Tech:
    -Have a hard time adjusting as they are in a new environment.
    -Learning becomes more challenging when most or all classes are taken online.
    -The adaptation of returning face-to-face is difficult for most.
    -There is a lot of pressure to achieve good grades so that you may get into your major without difficulty.

    2. Feminist groups:
    -Some people don’t take it seriously.
    -There are frequently disputes between the two genders.
    -Some people can use feminism in a bad way.
    -Some people are unfamiliar with the term feminism and conflate it with other terms.

  11. Josseline Barros

    1. New students in City Tech
    2. Feminist groups

    1. New students at City Tech:
    -Have a hard time adjusting as they are in a new environment.
    -Learning becomes more challenging when most or all classes are taken online.
    -The adaptation of returning face-to-face is difficult for most.
    -There is a lot of pressure to achieve good grades so that you may get into your major without difficulty.

    2. Feminist groups:
    -Some people don’t take it seriously.
    -There are frequently disputes between the two genders.
    -Some people can use feminism in a bad way.
    -Some people are unfamiliar with the term feminism and conflate it with other terms.

    • Ruth Garcia

      These are too broad. You might for example consider narrowing down to students who finished high school and started City Tech online and are now in their first in person semester at City Tech. Or you might consider feminists in a particular place can time and in a particular group.

  12. Alex Shamid

    1) Being New to the country
    2) Being New to a School
    3) Computer Information System major

    1. Being new to the country
    -Difficult to get used to the language and the city you are in.
    – People may take advantage of you if you don’t speak proper english which can make it harder to get jobs.
    2.Being new to a School
    -Have to get used to a new area and may be lost a lot.
    -Some students may be more quiet so it would be difficult for them to make friends
    3.Computer Information Systems Major
    -Using different types of devices will lead to confusion and make it even harder to downland programs mandatory for the class.
    -Getting used to understanding the coding language and getting used to trouble shooting.

    • Ruth Garcia

      These communities are too broad. You might consider focusing on Computer Information Systems Majors at City tEch and then find an issue that is particular to students in this major at City Tech.

  13. james lubin

    advanced basketball player-one problem is the hours we have to put in to work on our craft and get better in order to be in competition with the best, another is we cant take much breaks for example if we were to slack off and not play for a couple days we immediately get worse regaurdless of how good u are someone u was better then one day a month later if u havent played at all and they kept practicing can become better then you
    college student during covid- the amount of stuff required to sign up for classes and ect is uncomparable to others in diffeent college times they didnt have to go through all these complications aong with the already confusing college application process its unique to people that have gone to colege from 2020-now and since the virus is dying down id like to say 2024 by then it would be over but it is definitely unique to our small subset of the population

    • Ruth Garcia

      Your first discourse community is too broad. You need a bit more detail . Or you can narrow down the second choice to students who started and gone to college during the pandemic at City Tech or CUNY.

  14. Chelsea brown

    People immigrating to a different country
    – learning how to speak, write, a different language
    – possibly experiencing poverty
    Track and field
    -sometimes competition can lead to conflict with different teams
    -risks of injury

    • Ruth Garcia

      Narrow down your communities a bit more. For example, people immigrating from where to where? And perhaps focus on a particular age group. Or Track and field for what age group? A particular team would also help you focus in a bit more.

  15. Sonia Dayal

    1)Pre-Nursing Students
    -The nursing program is very competitive
    -To be assured a position in the Nursing program, you must aim for majority of A’s
    -There’s not a lot of time for extracurricular activities. Most time is spent on studying for long periods of time, in order to obtain the grades you desire

    2)New students at school
    -New students may feel overwhelmed in an unfamiliar setting
    -The transition back to in-person can be challenging for most people.

    • Ruth Garcia

      Your second discourse community needs to be more focused. You might for example do new students in a particular major at City Tech. And if you choose nursing, then you want to think a bit more about what the problem you see is. Competitiveness isn’t specific enough. But perhaps it is the things the program weighs for admission. Perhaps you think the criteria are unfair. This is just an example of how you could make your issue clearer. It is not the issue you need to choose.

  16. StephonS

    1. Sneakers heads is a discourse community that I fully support, Its just the excitement of getting those brand new shoes but it does come with some issues like scammers and money problems. If you don’t do your research hard enough, you could end up with some fake pairs of shoes and nobody wants to rock fake shoes. Buying new shoes is not cheap, even if you could get them the first day the asking price is $220 then after they can double or even triple the original price.

    2. Online Gamers are also another cool discourse community. Some issues can be brought up some money issues. These brand new next-gen consoles start at $500+ and it doesn’t help because of the pandemic there are no consoles in stores so reselling is a big thing right now. They ask for a double on what the retail is. And I feel like these big box companies make their new games just pay to win. These games make are only out to make money and not listening to the fans on what they want.

    • Ruth Garcia

      It’s sounds to me that regardless of which discourse community you choose, you are interested in addressing the problem of the cost? Would you be addressing companies or who to make clear the problem you see?

  17. Aking King

    Sneaker Community
    In the sneaker community, we have a saying “one to rock one to stock” this has been a thing for as far as I can remember. Lately, sneakers have been getting harder and harder to get now that sneakers became a business on their own. Reselling has been around for a while but $100 over retail never hurt anyone. Now imagine buying trying to buy sneakers that retail for $100 being resold for $700.

    Car community
    Used Car shortage creating a surge in buying cars
    People who modify their car to sound like gunshots (honestly the worst mod ever) it’s okay if your car has natural pops (burble/backfire)

    • Ruth Garcia

      Like Stephon, you interested in addressing the issue of prices around sneakers. And in terms of the car community, it sounds like you have two different issues. The second one does not seem to be part of a discourse community you participate since you dislike what is being done.

  18. ksaenz1

    Music Producers/Artists:
    -Music producers have a hard time putting out their work, and when it is put out, the compensation is very low. A good example would be Spotify’s horrendous pay rate of less than a cent per stream of a particular song.
    -Producers often don’t collaborate with one another, which leads to a divide in sounds between artists.

    MLB Fans:
    -Baseball is struggling to captivate a younger audience, leading to dwindling fan attendance and stream viewers.
    -Current strike against league which puts the next season in danger of not being played.

  19. Anaya Holland

    Toxic Gym Men:
    – These men often portray toxic or unwelcome traits of masculinity that make attending the gym or workspace unsafe for women or other individuals. It is not always in the gym that this happens. Oftentimes, these men will get on social media and speak ill of mostly women trying to work on themselves or get in shape.

    Black Lives Matter:
    – All members of this community do not seem to see eye to eye when it comes to shaping protests or advocating for basic human rights. Those outside of the community only see members as violent trouble makers when in reality, the individuals want peace and equal rights.

  20. Ishmael

    The Discourse Communities I had are Illustrators and The Fighting Game Community (or FGC for short.)

    The problem within the illustration community is plagiarism, taking someone else’s work and claiming it as their own entirely.

    For the FGC it’s multiple problems, players easily getting upset from losing and take it out on the community, game development companies don’t listen to the community to fix and or balance the game, and some of the most loud and vile players give the entire community a bad reputation causing drama which makes the competitive scene die out.

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