Prof. Garcia | ENG1101-HD80 | Fall 2022

Unit 1 Draft

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  1. Ruth Garcia

    You need to change the settings on the document so that anyone with the document can edit. Since I can not edit, I will put your feedback here.

    Right now now you have two parts of stories that are not coming together. I wonder which story you want to tell. Do you want to tell the story of breaking free of football and the expectations of those around you? Or do you want to tell the story of finding your new passion? Either one is fine but you need to be more detailed. You might tell of your love of football, your loss of that passion and how this affected you, but also how you came to terms with it and how you came to the realization that you need to live for yourself. Alternatively, you can talk about exiting the covid lockdown with a loss of focus and a change of heart about what you had always thought you would do–keep that very short–and then tell the story of taking this class and why and how you found this new passion.

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