About Me


Hello, my name is Genesis Alcantara and I am currently enrolled in New York City College of Technology. I’ve been majoring in graphic design for five years now and hope to pursue in advertising. I began designing in The High School of Art and Design in my sophomore year working on logos, CD covers, book covers, advertisements, package designs, currencies and much more. I’ve used Illustrator and Photoshop in high school, but I wasn’t advanced in my Photoshop skills until I reached college then I began to learn more advanced steps into pixel based images as well as learning how to use InDesign. I’ve visited a couple of art museums while in high school and my favorite one so far is The Guggenheim Museum. My favorite artist has come to be Salvador Dali because of his weird and creative personality which he develops in his artwork which makes him stand out. I love surrealistic paintings as well as collages.

I want to take my graphic design skills onto the real world and also work aside at home so that I can create designs for people. My interests are poetry, indie music, reading mystery/fiction books and creating hands-on projects. I worked at an unpaid internship at the Brooklyn museum working with children from the beginning of July to the end of August of 2013 and I also took a photography class with students that were part of the internship. I helped the teacher visit galleries with the kids and also helped them create art with different type of mediums, such as; clay, wood, paint and more. I desire to become a great artist/designer and spread my artwork to the world. I hope to learn how to use different mediums, such as oil paint or print making while experimenting more into the graphic design field.