Self Evaluation

I reflect back onto my experience and performance in my internship. As an intern, I did my best to meet the expectations of my supervisor. I communicated as much as possible and asked questions if needed. I tried my best to be confident in my skills, while also being open to critique. Although there are some things that I see myself needing to improve on.

One thing that I can point out is proofreading my work. While I do review briefly on my work before sending it off to my supervisor for critique, sometimes some things may slip past my radar. I have made some minor misspellings and missed some small details at times, that then were pointed out to me by my supervisor. It was a bit embarrassing when it was pointed out to me. Afterwards I made a serious effort to double check everything before sending anything to my supervisor. I definitely did not want that happening over and over again.

Another thing I believe I need to improve on is asking more questions. While I do ask questions if needed, I often refrain from asking too many. This is out of fear of being too bothersome or seeming like I cannot be independent in my position. Although, I am realizing now that it is okay to ask, as that can avoid issues in the future. I remember being asked to make an .eps file for a logo, but I have never made an .eps file before. Instead of asking, I did some research online to find out how. At the time I thought I could use Photoshop and spent some time trying to figure out why it was not letting me export the file properly. Turns out I would have saved a lot of time had I used Illustrator instead. I feel like that was a good opportunity to ask my supervisor for advice. It would have saved a lot of time and I would have been able to focus on the promos better.

These are things that I will work to improve on, to become a better designer and employee at my next position.

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