Things I Have Learned

I am still working on the videos for the event and have created a website banner announcing the event and details. My videos have been sent to the group committee for their thoughts and I have been given some revision notes. So that is what I am working on now. They would like to have the revisions and different aspects ratios by this Thursday or sooner since they will be selling tickets soon. Afterwards I might be working on things that might be used for the event such as a step and repeat banner.

Some things I have learned while working in this internship is to be flexible. Often times when I thought we reached the end of the revision process, there was new information that needed to be added or the committee hosting the event made a last minute change. Another thing I learned was to not get too attached to what I am doing. Some of the suggestions that were given to me were not decisions I may have made myself, but it was what the client wanted. In the end even if I do not completely agree with what the client wants, I have to give the client a satisfactory product.

One last thing I learned was to take into consideration any possible computer issues or delays. After Effects is very heavy on RAM, and at the same time the internal processor and export method can be finicky at times. There were times where I had to make multiple attempts to export a file because of some internal error that After Effects had while processing and encoding the file. Switching from the render built into After Effects and Media Encoder or the reverse was something needed to be done to get the exported file. It’s strange because sometimes it was not my computer or the settings, but rather After Effects being open for too long. Personally, I have just gotten used to Adobe having these strange and fickle moments. I had to be quick on my feet often to figure out a different method because I wanted to receive feedback by a certain time to meet my deadlines.

According to the schedule, I believe that the promotional videos and banner will go up soon within the week on their social media. I am very excited to see my work being used and seen by a wider audience!

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