Work Culture and Environment

The work culture where I am interning at is very casual. Since I am working remote, all of our meetings are done over zoom. I dress in appropriate business casual clothes. I am currently the only intern at the studio, so the only other person I interact with is with my supervisor. Working from home is different. I wake up, get ready, then head to my computer to begin working. It is just me and my desk. Since I only work for five hours, I do not take a lunch break. Instead, I do lunch after I finish with work at 1:30pm. I do wonder how different working in an actual office alongside coworkers would be compared to how it is now working remote at home.

Currently at my internship I am working on making promotional videos for social media for an upcoming photo shoot event. I met with my supervisor over zoom this week to discuss some changes for the videos and discuss some possible future assignments. These videos will go on the group’s social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram. Once the videos are done and get approved by my supervisor then they will be relayed to the group committee hosting the event for approval. I have a bit more creative freedom at my internship here. It is nice to brainstorm and come back with some ideas. During our meetings we go over what is working and what can be improved or changed. I take notes on any revisions suggested for me to make and go over what else could work. Sometimes there are sudden changes needed since the event is being planned while we work, so sometimes we have more photographers needed to be added, or information changes. Overall I enjoy so far what I am doing.

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