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I haven’t heard of Gordon Park before so I’m happy I get to experience his work now. The theme I get from his work and with MoMA’s writing “After getting his first camera at the age of 25, he used this “weapon of choice” to attack issues including racism, poverty, urban life, and injustice.” I get that he wanted to share the black experience in America. 

The photo that I was interested in was of a little girl and her mother standing in front of a store window that has white-colored mannequins ( It is something we can now look at differently because of the steps we’ve made towards racial equality, but back during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement, seeing yourself represented whether it be through media like television or magazines or something trivial as the color of the mannequins in stores. 

Thinking further, this store could’ve easily been segregated and stores that were integrated could’ve signaled this by either having signs that explicitly say they welcome nonwhite people or by having brown-colored mannequins. The documentation of racism helps remind of us how far we’ve come and how much work is left to do.

Logo Evolution

MoralesG// D-112/ Research Writing Assignment

Burberry was started by Thomas Burberry in 1856. Along with creating this, now, billion dollar company, he also created various fabrics that pioneered fashion. The store opened in London and Paris. By 1901 the famous logo we have come to recognize as Burberry, the equestrian logo with the knight, with “the Latin word ‘Prorsum’ meaning ‘forwards’”, was being used according to (“History.” Burberry Corporate Website.)

 In 1999 they changed their name from Burberry’s to simply Burberry. In 2018 Burberry launched a new logo for the brand. The brand new logo was inspired by Thomas Burberry, using the monogram for the founder’s name. Burberry’s chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci hired Peter Saville, who is a graphic designer known for his work on Joy Division album covers. He had a diverse portfolio and only four weeks to make the campaign. Moving on from the big, heavy, and traditional logo, Saville and Tisci chose to follow other brands’ logo changes. Many high end brands such as Celien, Chanel, and Tom Ford  have changed their logos to match a more contemporary and modern feel. 

Brands and companies have rebranded their logos and fashion campaigns to suit a millennial audience. In the next few years, the millennial audience will be the largest demographic and therefore companies need to cater to them (Hagopian, Christina. “The New Burberry Logo: I Hate It! But Wait…” Medium, 3 Oct. 2018). Having a new logo simply doesn’t rebrand an entire company, but it is the first step. Moving to environmentally friendly fabrics and humane working conditions is an initiative that brands like H&M and Burberry have implemented  to gain and appeal to a specific demographic. Burberry’s new logo does look pleasant on social media sites and have gained praise from numerous articles. The official account posted photos and designs about their new change on instagram and even used hashtags to promote it to a younger audience.


Having celebrities and famous models to promote a fashion campaign is a great way to reach a certain demographic. In February 2020, Burberry announced Kendall Jenner and Bella and Gigi Hadid in their Spring-Summer 2020 campaign. The fashion and clothing choices look very modern and chic while also showcasing Burberry’s well iconic style.

(Burberry SS20 campaign,Kendall Jenner,Courtesy of Burberry, Photography Inez and Vinoodh)


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