Teaching Models

Using Yancey

These are the assignments that Kathy Yancey uses in the Teaching for Transfer course. Included below is also her syllabus complete with readings and complete schedule. Should be very helpful. These both come from Writing across Contexts, a book that we should all have read.

Yancey-Teaching for transfer course assignments

Yancey-Syllabus with Week by Week Schedule

Using Beaufort

Likewise, Anne Beaufort has some helpful materials, strategies and advice for teaching transfer. She discusses how to teach genre, discourse community, and rhetorical situation through a number of principles.

  1. Generalizability:  Teach learners to frame specific problems and learnings into more abstract principles that can be applied to new situations.
  2. Change the Situation: Give students numerous opportunities to apply abstract concepts in different social contexts.
  3. Metacognition: Teach metacognition to facilitate the positive transfer of learning.

Beaufort’s course outline with unit descriptions, assignments sequences, scaffolding, rubrics, etc.