Orientation Readings for Faculty

Genre, Discourse, Rhetoric

Keith Grant-Davie: Rhetorical Situations and their Constituents Update! Bitzer is dropped. This essay takes its place. 

Carolyn Miller: Genre as Social Action

Amy Devitt: Generalizing about Genre: New Conceptions of an Old Concept

Nelson Graff: Teaching Rhetorical Analysis to Promote Transfer


Kara Taczak and Liane Robertson:  Reiterative Reflection in the Twenty-First-Century
Writing Classroom An Integrated Approach to Teaching for Transfer

Michael Neal: The Perils of Standing Alone: Reflective Writing in Relationship to Other Texts

Jeff Sommers: Problemetizing Reflection (As per Jackie’s suggestion)

Yancey, et. al. Writing across Contexts  (As per Jackie’s suggestion) Pay particular attention to chapter three and the discussion of portfolio, reflection, and developing a theory of writing.


Kerry Dirk: The “Research Paper” Prompt: A Dialogic Opportunity for Transfer

Carmen Kynard: Getting on the Right Side of It


Jody Shipka: A Multi-modal Task-Based Framework for Composing


Some additional Resources related to genre, repurposing, and multimodality

Brian Ray: More than Just Remixing: Uptake and New Media Composition

Jody Shipka: Beyond_Text_and_Talk_A_Multimodal_Approach_to_First-Year_Composition)

Troy Hicks: The Next Decade of Digital Writing

Kathleen Yancey: Attempting the Impossible: Designing a First-Year Composition Course

Angela Rounsaville: Selecting Genres for Transfer


Repurposed Assignment 1

Remediated assignment 2

Remediated assignment 3