Common Student Readings

The common readings for the curriculum fall into two categories: umbrella readings and unit readings. These readings are set up as a menus for faculty to choose from.

Umbrella Readings

The umbrella readings is a set of readings concerning the writing process that faculty in the program assign throughout the semester.  These readings directly address writing as it relates to seven different categories associated with the writing process. These are reflection, invention, thinking rhetorically, writing to learn, revision, writer’s block, and peer review. Faculty should teach a minimum of five of these readings over the course of the semester at the times when they see fit.

Unit Readings

The second set of readings comprise the unit readings. There are five different units in composition II. These include the Literacy Narrative, the Rhetoric/Genre/Discourse Community Project, the Position/Argumentation project, the Repurposed Multimodal project, and the final portfolio.  Each unit comprises readings in theory as well as examples and models written by students and professionals. For each unit, faculty choose at least one theory reading and at least one from the samples as they  wish. Faculty are free to choose other readings that may not be on the list in order to supplement their course as they like.

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