Nelson Graff: Teaching Rhetorical Analysis to Promote Transfer

Brian Ray: “More than just Remixing: Uptake and New Media Composition”

Jaclyn Fiscus: “Genre, Reflection, and Multimodality: Capturing Uptake in the Making”

Voss, Julia: Who Learns from Collaborative Digital Projects? Cultivating Critical Consciousness and Metacognition to Democratize Digital Literacy Learning


Justin Graffa: The Art of Trespassing (Student Multimodal Project)

Graffa’s video is great to watch as an exemplary one in terms of student multimodal work.  Graffa’s video/short documentary seems quite professional and is incredibly well edited, arranged, etc., so it may be that Graffa had more time with the project than our students will.  His video focuses on “urban exploration” also known simply as trespassing. He looks specifically at those who go to abandoned buildings and other spaces and then share videos and photos online of these spaces.  Most interesting in his video is the discussion of how and why people share these images of abandoned and soon to be demolished buildings. He interviews and includes footage of interviews focused specifically on people who explore spaces in Detroit; Graffa considers the differences between those who want to share their work (photos, videos, etc.) to remember and record, and others who may simply exploit spaces of ruin for their own gain.  Thus the video ends up accomplishing many things–it becomes a response to the economic devastation that Detroit represents– and for this reason, it is a fascinating one to look at together with students.

Keywords: multimodal, examples of student work, visual narrative, video, video editing, music and video, image as archive, trespassing, trespassing as social act, documenting, documentary.

Chelsea Harrison:  College Students and Social Media (Student Graphic Text). Stylus 9(1), 2018.

On Using “College Students and Social Media” in the classroom: This was a nice example of multimodal student work, which incorporated both detailed research and also a number of different types of sources — scholarly articles, fieldwork, interviews, and primary source research — into a nice and fairly focused argument about social media. It was great to use it with my students and offers them a wide menu of choices for their multimodal genre translation.

Keywords: multimodal, examples of student work, graphic essay, visual narrative, genre awareness, OER

Hanrick Kumar and Calvin Tiu: To a Rapper’s Delight: An in Depth Look at the Construction of a Musical Collaboration (Student Audio Project)

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