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Reading for PD Wed., 3/27 3 pm N321, 4th Seminar

Hi folks,
We’ll be reading this piece by Reiff and Bawarashi. Rather than writing individual blog posts as a response, please posts your responses below in the comments section. We’d be interested to hear the connections between the reading and your own teaching this semester.

Our meeting is scheduled in the Dean’s conference room, not in the President’s room. If anything changes I’ll be sure to let you know. See you Wed!

Update of Curriculum

  1. Review revised assignments for 1101 and 1121
    1. 1101
      1. Lit Narrative
      2. Researched Rhetorical Analysis
      3. Genre Project
  1. 1121
    1. Genre and Discourse Community Project
    2. Inquiry Based Argument Project
    3. Repurposed Multi-modal project